A Day in Lively Machine

Find this place, Fossils as ash
here I am breathing;
More than, I had been smoking
standing on the edges, of these crossings.

Tomorrow I’ll wake, up with this sound
After tapping thrice, on this thing of mine.
Covering me over, with a curved sphere
I don’t wanna get, out of where.

Tap this thing, it gets me a car,
takes me far away, what I’ll leave you breathe
!Oops Blinking reds, looking like scar
Skip’em all, until I breathe in here,
conditioned breath,  that my grandpa missed.

This is where I get money refill
Speaking counter, juggling bottles
Big bucks needed when you come in here
five are what, stars you pay for.

I eat organic, you are toxic
Fizzing cola, has been my favorite.
Calling him, to see if in evening
Dentist’s hammer, putting it out of error
growing tooth, towards this side.

Back I am, again in my room
Corners folding, light penetrating
Crashing out, the day was tight
Nothing much but, just the traffic I fight

Today, I woke up, in this machine
Finding wisdom, of this creation;
More on the edges, but less on curves.
Can’t believe this, it’s a living machine. 


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